Helping Walloons to compare and save money29/06/2015

French by birth, I have often travelled to Wallonia, staying in Liège, Namur... I fell in love with the region. When I founded my company, Kaer Online, in Amsterdam in 2013, it was logical for me to specialise on the Walloon market. Surrounded by Belgian culture and loving working for this region, I wanted to help internet users by providing websites where they could compare things and find them cheaper. I was then surprised to see that there was a lot to do. We began our "mission" by creating our Belgian special offers website, Bringing together thousands of promotional codes, reductions, vouchers to be printed and competitions, we are trying to give internet users the chance to improve their purchasing power.

In the same way, we are currently trying to highlight Wallonia's cultural aspect. Indeed, we found that Belgians love their region, but do not always know the small country towns, or even some of the corners in their own city which give the region its charm and make it unique in Europe. For several months now we have been working on a holiday comparison website, With a go-live date scheduled for August 2015, the website has two purposes, to enable Walloons to find cheaper holidays in Europe by comparing tens of thousands of destinations, but also, and above all, to enable internet users to discover the charm of their own region. For this, we will compare the price of many destinations in Belgium, while providing a blog with articles about their region, its culture and its beauty. Festivals and cultural events are promoted, for Belgians, but also for any other European internet user looking for information on holidays in Belgium.

Of course, having only been in existence for 2 years and based in Amsterdam (NL), over the coming years, we hope to be able to finance other projects for our beloved country, Wallonia. It's worth the effort.