A community of togetherness09/07/2014

Today, we are witnessing that in a community links can be forged that understand and emphasise the values that make us proud. Through my activities, I am the shutter that is triggered on all the paths that people strive to take, from the urban to the rural. I believe today, tomorrow, and beyond that this community holds the ideas that we want.

I thank you for the spirit of togetherness and the essential virtues that sustain us every day so that our community has the time and the resources to defend itself for a common and just cause. Today, I see Wallonia in action and tomorrow all we Walloons will support our cause. Let's act for ourselves, and for Wallonia.

Vive la Wallonie (Wallonia.be) and its proud phalansterians! Let us, ourselves, be the base for the embers of time and the combustion valve, so that there is a tomorrow in which all of us can be very proud.