Find out about Wallonia through my books for children !14/11/2019


I write books for young children. My mission is to enable children in care, as well as those I meet in schools, to believe in themselves. I now want to combine my career as an educator with that of a writer.

Making children strong, showing them that their dreams are not impossible, but that they just require will and boldness. Giving them confidence and faith in the future. This is what I am trying to do, as an educator at the Maison de l'Institut Michotte in Liège. Having worked with children and young people in care for 35 years, I decided to embark on a new adventure - writing - three years ago. My aim is to support these young people by helping them make their dreams come true, and by setting an example for them. This aspiring writer took a long time to dare to put down his images and words in a book and then publish it.

Enabling children to write their own story

With 35 years of experience as an educator helping children put in care by the Youth Support Service in Liège, I have witnessed how words and stories influence children for the better, and how this can positively change conflicts and neuroses.

The role of an educator, when caring for children, is to guide them and encourage their development by allowing them to fulfil their potential, but also to talk about their various family, health or other problems. "I believe it is important to allow children to create and make their own dreams. To allow them to try, and show them that they are also capable of things. I always told myself I could never write, until one day a child told me I could."

What are the benefits for the little ones?

I pursue various objectives with this writing project. First, to stimulate the child's hearing and vision while developing their attention span and curiosity. Then, allow them to be in a state of well-being and calm. "As an educator, I try to link my career with this new venture, and at least find the solutions to help and support these children in care, but also the ones I meet in schools. There is a real need and in the long run I would like to help as many children as possible through my books and the writing workshops."

Through my books and my character Rosette, I try to depict the different feelings that the little ones themselves will be having. Feelings and a story that I would like to see completed by the children's imaginations. Each of these books present "specialities" that can be found in Wallonia!

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