The French language, much more than words...24/02/2017

Since January 2017, the Hautes Fagnes region has had a tailor-made linguistic coaching centre for professionals, Un iota en plus ( Surrounded by countryside in Ovifat, it offers any non-French-speaking individual the opportunity to acquire new language skills in French as part of their professional activity (regardless of their field of work), to prepare for a specific professional assignment or simply as a quicker way to improve the overall level of their professional French.

In addition to the purely linguistic aspect, Un iota en plus also puts an emphasis on culture and the place which the beautiful French language occupies within it. Thus, the coach intersperses the intensive learning programme with "mini-discoveries" of Wallonia and particularly the Ardennes and Hautes Fagnes. The student therefore understands that the French language is not just a collection of words and rules (and exceptions!), but also the verbal expression of a cultural, geographic and social fabric which is - in this case - Wallonia.

Depending on each student's own objectives, field visits are organised to French-speaking sites or companies in the region that have a direct link with the student's field of activity. Another subtle way of introducing the beauty and wealth of Wallonia, through a tailor-made language programme.