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The health of mothers and children: a challenge in Africa

During the second quarter of 2021, I had the chance to collaborate with ‘Louvain Coopération’ and discover a Belgian NGO that is responding to the global sustainable-development goals in a positive manner. To learn more about their work, check out the latest Develop':

With this post, I would like to introduce you to work that started this year to promote/defend access to high-quality healthcare.
In sub-Saharan Africa, more than 200,000 women die during pregnancy or childbirth every year. Of the more than three million newborns that die each year, 99% are in developing countries. The saddest thing is that over 80% of these deaths are preventable!

Having given birth to a child in Africa, I can confirm that not all women are fortunate enough to have access to properly trained professionals. For this reason, I want to support ‘Louvain Coopération’ in promoting their work, ‘Performing C-sections with limited resources’. Aid from trained staff can save the lives of women and newborns.

This manual is the result of a collaboration between experts in the field and from the world of academia. It is provided to caregivers and any individuals who work with future mothers.
I invite you to check it out by following the link below:

Dear ambassadors, if you are as passionate about this issue as I am, please share and disseminate this book to anyone who may need it. And don’t forget – your gesture could save a life.
Thank you all!


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