Investing or working in Latin America22/05/2019

Investing or working in Latin America
Hello to all fellow Ambassadors,
Having recently joined this wonderful initiative, I would like to share with you a few ideas and experiences from more than a decade on the winding roads of Latin America.
• Are you an investor?
o do not read the studies available on the market; they are too old for the speed at which the economies of the region's countries are growing,
o contact French-speakers to find out more, but do not necessarily trust them; I have suffered several mishaps with compatriots who took advantage of my ignorance of the region at the start,
o every country really is different and all their economic structures are different. I am referring in particular to the notion of "protected markets", which are very different and can disappoint many investors who think that everything is free. This is not the case: families control and governments protect, to mention just two examples.
o accounting is a complex nightmare as it is often "duplicated"
o administrative authorisations are a refuge for varying degrees of corruption
• Do you want to work?
o prepare your move with several exploratory trips,
o this is when your French-speaking compatriots are useful for explaining where to live and what budget you need for the lifestyle you want,
o don't think that you are the only person who is qualified and competent, as many generations of Latin Americans have trained to a very high level in the USA or Europe,
o don't think that everything is easy; every country is different and becoming a "foreigner" is not always easy, even in a kind country,
o only move when you have enough money put aside to live for one year without stress,
o ensure that your spouse or partner has the same plan as you and has the same skills as you for managing and integrating change,
o if you have problems in Europe, things will not work out in your new host country; sort them out before you leave ;-)
o don't try to force change without explanation by saying that it works in Europe; your colleagues will reply that many things in Europe have not worked, and it is better to use your experience to create management innovation.
I hope that this will be of use to some of you... ;-)
That's all for now