Jean-Pol Detiffe and OncoKDM21/06/2017

One of the "nuggets" of the Biopark in Gosselies. Situated within the Institute of Pathology and Genetics, the bio-technology company OncoDNA reached a new milestone in 2016, which should enable it to speed up development of its activities in the coming months. OncoDNA - founded in 2012 by Jean-Pol Detiffe (ex-industrial chemist) and specialising in the complete analysis (DNA and proteins) of tumours, achieved one of the largest amounts of capital raising in French-speaking Belgium in the past year, last September. The deal, led by François Blondel, made it possible to increase own capital from 1.1 to 8.8 million euros. In addition to the traditional shareholders (, Sambrinvest, Jean Stéphenne, Jean-Pol Detiffe and François Blondel), OncoDNA convinced the Flemish holding company AvH to come on board. "It is both a strong signal and a very nice acknowledgement!", proclaimed Mr. Blondel during the announcement of the deal. OncoDNA already employs around 20 people and generated "several million euros" of revenue in 2016.

Source: - P.-F.L., P.V.C., B.O. Published Thursday 5 January 2017 at 16.28

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