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Launch of an online Business School

During lockdown, I contacted the rector of a European online university run by clerics. 

My concern:

How to help students with low financial resources to train in economics and management.

The challenge is to communicate the keys to understanding the world and its economic functioning to those who have no access to it, so that they can have the tools they need for their own development.

I therefore became the spokesperson for a network of some thirty economists from African countries, from South Africa to Morocco, including Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Côte d'Ivoire. 

The distinguished economists invited to participate in this adventure include several young people who have collaborated with Coaching, where they took their first steps in teaching or obtained their first professional experiences.

What was the university's response to this request ? 

The matter took shape in its Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. An academic start up was created, out of pure trust and generosity. 

It is rooted in experience of overcoming precariousness.

This business school is launching two MBA programmes in:

Management and Marketing

The MBA in Marketing & Management teaches theoretical foundations and operational skills in marketing and management within companies and organisations.

This MBA is online training where students are at the centre of their learning, supported by a multidisciplinary team of professors.

Management and Human Sciences

The MBA in Management and Human Sciences offers training that combines the acquisition of both management tools and knowledge about people. It therefore prepares future managers to follow management strategies in the light of human sciences, in an environment of competitiveness and flexibility, as well as stress on human resources.


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