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Moshi Moshi handmade rugs & more

It's taken less than a year for the designer Philippe Knoops and his partner Caroline Descamps to establish their rugs and other exclusive creations on the other side of the Atlantic. These two Liège residents have since then been busy with their rapid export success. They immediately joined the network of brand ambassadors, under the auspices of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency. 

The Moshi Moshi concept was the result of a meeting. That of Philippe Knoops, designer and visual artist and Caroline Descamps, working in communication and public relations. The designer recounts: “With her by my side, I found the nerve to prove myself in design. I no longer wanted to stay confined to painting. Moshi Moshi emerged as a foregone conclusion to us, in the same way as our relationship. Why this name for our label? Moshi Moshi is Japanese. I have always been passionate about Japan. It’s a colloquial way to say 'hello hello'. ‘Moshi’ twice is also a nod to the pairing of myself and my partner.”

Thus, in early 2018, the first Moshi Moshi item was developed in their small workshop in Liège. Most of the products created by the double-M brand are 100% made in Wallonia and comply with a highly advanced specification. They are stamped with the Care & Fair label and certified as environmentally-friendly. Moshi Moshi works with selected manufacturers in India and Nepal that comply within international CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards. The vegetable dyes are also special.

Caroline Descamps, responsible for the company's branding, talks about the brand's slight advantage over the traditional kilims and other Oriental rugs: “Moshi Moshi is a rich, visual world, a strong identity based on an original and modern graphic design, together with an innovative approach. Created from exclusive paper sketches, handmade, knotted, woven or tufted, our rugs and tapestries are unique pieces, bespoke or limited editions, flat or embossed and in a wide range of colours and shapes. Our product line is currently being extended. The latest items are the Moshi Moshi eggs. We are therefore exploring other materials such as wood and ceramic.”


About Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi, launched in early 2018 in Liège, creates rugs and other bespoke and exclusive decorative objects. It was founded by the designer Philippe Knoops and his partner in both life and business, Caroline Descamps, who works in communication & public relations. In just a few months, the double-M brand has received orders from the other side of the Atlantic. Negotiations are underway with European partners.    -   0471/695 441


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