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Testimony of Simay Kocaoglan Soylu

Our first contact was with the economic and commercial advisor of the Wallonia Export-Investment

A little mouse in Kazakhstan

When I arrived in Almaty on 12 September, I was surprised to see that a little mouse had crept in

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Turning your business into multi million dollar business

It has been wonderful to watch SMMEs grow over the time from 2020/2021.

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Liège Theatre

Towards a sustainable and desirable future, for all

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been an enforced break for the cultural sector, and the performi

Chicory Inulin factory in Chile

De Smet Engineers & Contractors : a key player in energy transition of food industry

De Smet Engineers & Contractors have pr

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Casa for Life: in Senegal, a helping hand for health and maternity, people with disabilities, access to water and market gardening.

Casa for Life is a non-profit organisation located in Gembloux, Wallonia.

Original, historical walk in Liège

Hello, Here is the walk we suggest surrounding the history of the hiking trail.

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Project to transfer around 1,500 quality French language books between Brussels and Lima for a French language library

Hello, the Belgium and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Culture in Peru has the opportunity to

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History of pedestrian tourism

For many months, I have been actively researching everything to do with hiker, in the broader sen

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« New season, same championship, big goal for Amaury Molle ! »


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Vietnam : changing the destiny of the poorest families

The story of a weekend unlike any other. 

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Application for additional financial aid

Through the Win2Wal programme, Wallonia is supporting our THYDIA

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