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The architecture of Wallonia-Brussels in motion

Architecture picture
TRINKHALL by Atelier Beguin-Massart.

Discover the portraits of different operators of architecture in Wallonia-Brussels and their contemporary achievements.

> iMAL by Central / NP2F

> TRINKHALL by Atelier Beguin-Massart

> URSULINEN by Label


> MEXICO by Vers.A


iMAL by Central / NP2F

IMAL is a unique place in the Brussels landscape. More than an art center, it takes its relevance both by the culture it proposes and by its urban situation. A culture of co-production, anchored in its time. An accessible place, at the crossroads of two neighborhoods, capable of federating a plural public through the transversality of its activities.

A former factory situated along the canal of Brussels has the ambition to become the Center for Arts, Sciences, Technology, Innovation and Inclusion.


TRINKHALL by Atelier Beguin-Massart

Renovation and expansion of areas housing the museum's permanent and temporary exhibitions, reserves and workshops, museum café, offices and pedagogical activity room.



School. The Ursulinensite in the centre of Mechelen, Belgium, is characterised by a mishmash of building types and styles, lacking any clear definition. Made up out of different public buildings intertwined with private dwellings, the building block presents itself as a labyrinthine and hardly legible piece of city fabric.

In an attempt to structure the open space of the building block, the project introduces a series of courtyards. In combination with the extreme compactness of the new buildings, we recreate large unbuilt spaces, forming breathing areas in the middle of the dense block.



The project consisted of the creation of a new type 4 (motor disability) secondary school.


MEXICO by Vers.A

Construction of an appartment building and a pocket park.


These videos were produced by Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures and directed by Jonathan Ortegat, supported by a team made up of Jeanne Debarsy for the sound, Loup Mormont for the music, Jean Forest for the graphics and Lucien Keler for the colorimetry.

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