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"Brexit Gateway" in Wallonia - Euroterminal opens a new transit zone in Mouscron

Following Brexit, Euroterminal is creating a new 9,000 m² transit zone, a sort of outpost of the Calais transit zone, and is positioning itself as a facilitator for customs formalities.

Euroterminal is part of the ITLM Group (Italmondo Group), a major player in the transport and logistics sector in Europe. With its two sites in Mouscron and Liège, the group is well established in Wallonia, which, thanks to its central position in Europe, offers it excellent access to the most densely populated markets in Europe.

At the beginning of September, the Walloon site in Mouscron opened a new 9,000 m² transit zone (container trucks), which is in addition to the 150,000 m² that has been open since 1991; this extension is caused by a "Brexit Gateway" anticipated perfectly by the logistics specialist. Initially created for one of its clients, the world e-commerce leader Amazon, the new transit platform will see dozens of trucks carrying parcels between Europe and Great Britain go through customs transit formalities every day, avoiding wasting time when embarking or disembarking in Calais.

The company is AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certified by Belgian customs, which allows it to manage all customs procedures and guarantee the efficiency of its customers' customs clearance formalities. This includes import/export management, transit between warehouses and a tax representation service for non-European companies; a bonded warehouse service is also available. The customs clearance of international shipments can be carried out in situ, with controls that can be performed directly.

The Mouscron site is a facilitator in customs formalities from and especially to Great Britain, a sort of outpost of the transit zone in Calais which plans to evolve. They will be the only sites able to handle the customs formalities for around a hundred trucks a day, with maximum security. With 90% of their storage capacity reached, in 35,000 m² of warehouse space, a new warehouse could be built on the Mouscron site in the near future.

Wallonia is recovering, thanks to the resilience and creativity of its entrepreneurs who are able to transform a constraint into an opportunity.

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