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C-Nowäl: go Walloon for your final Christmas purchases!22/12/2017

Personalised bottles, soft coloured bed warmers for cosy nights in, customizable cuddly toys for the little ones, magnetic jewellery that can be adjusted to suit your style… Here are some original ideas to spoil your loved ones, all to be found on the C-Nowäl  website, the place for innovative, 'Made in Wallonia' gifts.

You could also give more adventurous people a racing car driver experience at the Lab in Mons or an innovative go-karting session that will make you feel like you are in a video game.

And for gourmets, sea salt infused with Belgian specialities (Darcis chocolate, Herve cheese, speculoos and even beer) or truffle-flavoured salted popcorn.

There are even edible insect lollipops (available with mealworms, crickets or mealbeetles) in various fruit flavours (lemon, rhubarb, pineapple, cherry and violet) as a fun way to introduce your children to the food of tomorrow.

Finally, for the party animals you'll also find a hangover cure using a natural, plant-based formula designed to soothe and help the liver after excessive food or alcohol consumption. You have been warned!

C-Nowäl is an initiative that aims to promote Walloon expertise through innovative and creative gifts. Three Walloon organisations (the Agence pour l’Entreprise et l’Innovation, InnovaTech and Wallonie Design) have joined forces to promote this range of products designed and produced by Walloon companies and craftsmen.

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