Morels grown in Wallonia !12/04/2019

China has often been considered the paradise for morels, but it is in Wallonia that Stéphan Rosoux and his team grow this luxury product, which is highly sought after by the greatest chefs.

Grown in Mons, in a secret location as this is such a luxury product (the average is 100 euros per kilo), the morel is a funny kind of mushroom that is extremely difficult to cultivate. "You need special soil, a terroir, as they say," explained Stéphan Rosoux, "It is also a mushroom whose genes had never been isolated for reproduction. The Chinese managed to do this and a Frenchman bought the exclusive license for Europe; we contacted him so that we could do it in Belgium."

Three years later, the producer's first morels were sold, notably by Fabian Santi, chef of the restaurant "Le Tri-marrants", a gourmet restaurant on the shores of the Eau d'Heure lakes. "We specialise in local produce," said Fabian Santi, who is also an ambassador for the brand, "so in short circuits and mainly everything that is from the region. It is exceptional to have this in Wallonia."

But beware, this top-of-the-range mushroom cannot be prepared any old how. "There's no point in getting into over-complicated preparations with this kind of product," added Fabian Santi. "The aroma is so subtle that it is what we are really honouring. However, morels cannot be eaten raw! It's a fungus that can be toxic if it is not cooked!" Other restaurateurs have already come forward to serve this mushroom at their tables. "Demand is even greater than supply!" concluded the farmer.

Stéphan is not the only one to have started cultivating this unusual product in Europe. Morels have been cultivated for a few years now in some regions of France, and the Belgian company Vallor sprl is also working on the cultivation of morels. Vallor has been supplying several starred establishments around the country, particularly in Walloon Brabant, since 2018.


Source : RTBF - Sud Presse

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