A Walloon stand at the Hannover Messe 19/04/2019

Hannover Messe  is THE trade fair dedicated to industry and technology in Hannover, Germany. Wallonia was well represented this year, with a stand and 25 companies.

The Hannover Messe, which took place from 1 to 5 April, is the most important event in the sector. The 27 exhibition halls tackled six themes, which included digital companies, integrated energy and research and technology.  Wallonia was present under this last theme, with an emphasis on technology transfer and inter-industry collaboration. The demand from Walloon companies was so high that AWEX had to refuse applications. But Gisèle Marien, project manager for Germany and Austria at AWEX, reassured us, "There are all kinds, which allows us to show a fairly broad image of what is being done in our Region." Walloon talent was therefore quite well accounted for.

The companies came from the 4 corners of Wallonia and offered different services. For some companies, such as ICS (Innovative Coating Solutions), it was their third time of participating. This company, located near Gembloux, specialises in coatings to improve surface capacity. For other companies such as PEPITe, this was their first time at this kind of trade fair. This Liège-based company uses data in industry, analysing it to identify anomalies.  The other companies included E-Peas which improves the life span of your batteries, Hipperos which works on artificial intelligence, and the Cenaero research centre in Gosselies.
On the Walloon stand, the companies' aim was not always to export, but also to make useful contacts for the future.

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