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Sophie Houtmeyers - Skechers
Sophie Houtmeyers, Director of the EDC - Skechers
Sophie Houtmeyers - Skechers

"At Milmort, we have the advantage of an ideal location and are continuing with the expansion of our European Distribution Center."

It is in Milmort, in the Hauts Sarts business park near Liège, that American shoe brand Skechers decided to establish its European Distribution Centre in 2002, in a 22,000 m² depot. The merchandise arrives via the port of Antwerp, before being stored and prepared at Milmort and then shipped to the whole of Europe.

As this business park offers expansion possibilities, Skechers has doubled the size of its European Distribution Centre since 2009, and it now extends to 45,000 m². Employment has also been greatly increased, from 8 persons in 2002 to 150 in 2011.

The second depot was built as an extension of the first. One is destined to receive products, the other to ship them. «The Liège region offers the necessary workforce possibilities», explains Sophie Houtmeyers, the centre’s head. «The number of workers varies according to season. To cope with seasonal peaks in activity, we recruit our personnel via the Forem and temp agencies. We have created a climate which encourages human relations and a dialogue between people. As for the geographical location, it is ideal because it gives us easy access to the road routes to Germany and the UK, our two main shipping destination countries.»


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