Wallonia and the Commitment to Excellence19/07/2017

I am a believer that first impressions are everything, and Wallonia garnered a special place in my heart, after just my first visit. Admittedly, I knew very little about the region or its culture, but whatever I had heard from the enticing brews to the delicious Belgian Chocolates, seemed very encouraging. However, I was not prepared for the immense beauty that I was to witness as I made my way to the city of my hosts, Dour. I was witness to the most perfect perfect of vistas; a perfect blend of breathtaking landscapes and diverse architecture, that left me awestruck.

However, the best kept secret of Wallonia, are its diligent and hospitable people. None more so than my wonderful hosts. I have always believed, that a nation's values ​​are manifested in their manufacturing sector. Menart, my hosts, were the perfect reflection of the Wallonian region. I had prior experience with solid waste management equipment from many countries and nations, including China, US, and Thailand. However, it is still very reliable and reliable. Menart's unwavering commitment to quality impressed me immensely; HOWEVER, It was Menart's Willfulness to Provide its continued technical support and an enduring commitment to full transparency during the procurement process, was unmatched.

I fell in love with Wallonia, and its emphasis on excellence while maintaining a strong work-life balance. I believe contentment embedded in the Wallonian way of life, and is reflected on the faces of its citizens. This spirit is infectious, as every visitor is welcomed to their own and leave memories to last a lifetime.