Belgian chocolate... an institution !07/06/2018

Belgian chocolate, two little words full of promises, which in themselves reveal a myriad of captivating flavours.

The tradition of chocolate is secular and particularly so in Belgium, I don't think I'm taking a risk by saying that nearly every fridge in our Belgian households contains at least one square of chocolate.

But if we take a closer look, chocolate is a top-quality material which can't be imitated, quite the contrary! Poorly worked, it will let you know immediately by the appearance of blemishes, discolouration or a very limited shelf-life. To work with it, you first need to understand its chemical composition (it's true!), but you must also love it with all your heart, so as to give it the glory it deserves in all circumstances. In giving myself the challenge of taming it, I spent two years at evening classes with a Belgian master chocolatier (of course) studying chocolate and its many dimensions. I ultimately arrived at the conclusion that I hadn't tamed chocolate, but that it had bewitched me.

Now, almost a year on, nearly every day after work, for my pleasure, I head to my workshop, my lab as the pros would call it, where I am welcomed by the sweet smell of chocolate which floats on the air in this place for which I hold a particular affection and which inspires my new creations.

But to make a small business a success is not just about creating, it also means promoting and this is an exercise in which we're not always naturally gifted... It's not easy to talk about yourself...

So, we, the good-hearted lab rats, have to get out of our dens and travel the world to discover our flavours, our work...  But how ?

Personally, I contacted a good number of delicatessens, cooperatives and sales outlets for artisan products in my region... but most didn't even respond.

However, two chose to put their faith in me, D'ici in Naninne and the Copèractive in Dinant.

Thanks to these two very valuable partners, I was able to introduce my sweet treats but also meet my customers, the contacts at these companies who were all great.

I therefore grew gradually, day after day, praline after praline, at my own pace.

Would you like to discover my products, my world ?

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