Do you export to Spain? It's an idea worth exploring!03/08/2018

Did you know? About 28,000 Belgians live in Andalusia, making it a very large community in this region of Spain.

Every entrepreneur, craftsperson, both small-scale and large-scale, working alone or with a few or lots of workers, must at some point leave the confines of their business and meet existing or potential customers.

This change of scenery can be via fairs, exhibitions, markets, conferences or others, depending on the speciality... but it must be organised, budgeted, effective and efficient to achieve the desired objective, i.e. to meet people and get discovered (yourself or your products) by as many private or professional people as possible.

For my part, I have a unique opportunity in the pipeline. What is this event? It is organised in Mijas Pueblo, a charming little tourist town in Andalusia (Spain). Every year, Mijas Pueblo organises an international friendship day which connects this charming Andalusian village to the rest of the world. Thousands of people (visitors, tourists, foreign residents, Spanish people, etc.) meet craftsmen such as myself, companies, clubs, NGOs... from the showcased country. On 20 October, it will be Belgium's turn to be the guest of honour at Mijas Pueblo. The presence of the team of Belgium's Honorary Ambassador in Marbella, Yves Sirejacob, which coordinates during the day with the Belgian companies involved, will also see the inauguration of an official plaque on the friendship wall in Mijas Pueblo with the Mayor, Mr. Juan Carlos Maldonado.

It is a unique opportunity... As such, the Malaga consul is looking for Belgian or foreign companies to participate in the event and present their products, association, club, or organisation.

Or if you want to, follow us ;-)

Don't hesitate to share this ticket, and if you wish to set off on the adventure, contact the Honorary Consulate of Marbella, Mr. Yves Sirejacob:

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