Art under the skin18/04/2016

This weekend the "Ink'n'Tattoo Festival" was held at WEX (Wallonie Expo in Marche-en-Famenne).

Many of our Walloon tattoo artists presented their work during this event which brought together about 155 tattoo artists and shops from several countries. Many different styles were on the programme: "old school", "abstract", "Polynesian", "Celtic" or "Asian". In addition to this, each tattoo artist has his own style and the standard in Wallonia is much appreciated. Although I do not have any tattoos myself, and without the artistic experience I can boast, it has to be said that some examples I was shown were truly magnificent.

Also, I was given a very warm welcome by all the people from this universe, who shared their stories with me. The pride the tattoo artists take in their work and that of their customers. Some people have developed tattoo art to be a desire, even a need.

The beauty aspect was also present, for example with permanent make-up. But there was also tattoo art for camouflaging scars, such as those left by a mastectomy following breast cancer (which affects an average of one woman out of eight).

Thank you to organisers for having held this convention. But also for having paid all of the benefits to "La Clairière d’Arlon" (an institution that takes care of the disabled).


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