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RBaptiste®, the craftsman's spirit engraved in time.18/08/2018

The production of weapons used to be a speciality of Mosan craftsmen. Today, Roland Baptiste wants to continue this long tradition of working with steel and fine mechanics.

Roland Baptiste has been an engraver for more than 20 years. From the outset, he never stopped perfecting his work, in order to take his art to the highest levels of mastery.

Originally from the city of Liège in Belgium and the son of an engraver, his work naturally gravitated to engraving on hunting weapons, given the city's history of manufacturing arms.

The quality of his work led to employment with the leading marques in the field, all over the world, although primarily in England, where the most prestigious and historical ateliers are based.

His desire to maintain his freedom of expression and creativity prompted him to refuse to submit to the constraints of mass production, sometimes for well-known brands.

Passionate about watches since his youth, R. Baptiste has always kept an eye on the watchmaking world. The meticulousness and precision of execution are qualities shared by the watchmaking profession and that of an engraver, as R. Baptiste knows it.

The idea of creating a timepiece becomes more elaborate every year...

The guardian of savoir-faire.

For R. Baptiste, it is time to act. For many years, machine work has dominated to such an extent that less informed amateurs can no longer tell the difference between machine and hand.

It is true that machines can create perfect work, but the resulting perfection is something cold and soulless, and it shows!

The concept.

Originality must be in evidence without being excessive. R. Baptiste wants to keep "the aromas of the workshop" in his creations. They must have a space left free for engraving, and be recognisable.

The one-offs and personalised timepieces will be essential! It will be essential to captivate amateurs of beautiful objects, and essentially share the love of beautifully crafted work through savoir-faire.

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