DreamWall in charge of the virtual set for the Thai elections01/04/2019

Elections were held in Thailand on Sunday 24 March. To give a new technological dimension to its election night, television channel Spring News decided to entrust DreamWall with the creation of its virtual decor.

The first contact between the Thai channel and the Charleroi studio was made in Amsterdam during the IBC show, the largest broadcasting trade show in Europe. DreamWall was responsible for the set design as well as on-site operations, in collaboration with Spring News.

The centre of operations was in a virtual glass dome, inspired by the architecture of the Bangkok Democracy Monument. In the background, the megalopolis skyline where the results were shown, as well as the parliament and the government complex, two of the capital's other emblematic sites, adorned the landscape.

The decor evolved in real time throughout election day. The studio light changed depending on the time of day: it began during the day and ended in the evening to give the illusion that the presenter was in the heart of Bangkok. But that's not all; DreamWall was also in charge of on-site operations, which is why its Charleroi engineers were located in the heart of the capital. All DreamWall's virtual techniques were used: fully virtual immersive sequences, camera movements, set extension, portal window, augmented reality and teleportation, which had already created a buzz during the FIFA World Cup on RTBF.

The results of election evening were displayed using several set designs, thanks to an application integrated into the Zero Density virtual engine. The presenter could manage the appearance of the results himself from the studio. This application is directly linked to the software and can be adapted to all customer needs.

The graphic team also planned a set with water and fluid particle effects. This development required some research in the "Unreal" game engine and was a world first for this kind of set !

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