Morocco/W-B partnership for vocational training11/01/2019

A partnership agreement was signed in December 2018 between the Moroccan Office for Vocational Training and Promotion of Work, the Mons Right and Duty ASBL’s Multidisciplinary Training Centre, the Forem and the APEFE.

This agreement is for the purpose of setting the general framework for guiding the cooperative relationship between the Moroccan Office for Vocational Training and Promotion of Work (OFPPT) and its partners working in the area of training and vocational integration in Wallonia and Brussels, thus enabling setting up a partnership aimed at promoting the professional training sector, mutual transfer of knowledge and expertise as well as developing a concerted and shared international cooperation, specifically focused on Africa.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, the parties will set up an annual forward action programme in which all the activities to be carried out will be detailed and a steering committee has been set up to ensure monitoring of the framework agreement’s implementation.

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