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Op2Lysis to set up its R&D department in Liège

Op2Lysis, a French biotech company currently developing medication to treat the serious consequences of cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs, commonly known as strokes), plans to establish most of its R&D activities in the Liège region within the next 6 to 12 months.

Christophe Gaudin, the co-founder and CEO of Op2Lysis, shared these plans during the announcement of a fund-raising of more than 1 million euros, in which Noshaq and BeAngels took part. Meanwhile, Op2Lysis has already subcontracted certain activities to companies in Liège.

“We are delighted to be able to attract a new French biotech company within our ecosystem and thus foster new collaborations with local partners”, says Gaëtan Servais, CEO of Noshaq.

The funds raised by Op2Lysis will enable the company, which was founded in Caen in 2016 by Christophe Gaudin and Jérôme Parcq, to move one step closer to the clinical phase. The latter will have to establish the efficacy, safety and clinical benefits of O2L-001 (the name given to the molecule used to liquefy and eliminate the intracerebral haematoma formed as a result of a CVA).

The French start-up, which aims to position itself among the world leaders in the treatment of strokes, is already preparing an ‘A-series’ fund-raising campaign to carry out the actual clinical trials. The aim is to launch these clinical trials within the next 18 months.

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