What's Up Brussels Festival to the Tunis Fashion Week 2019 11-06-2019 to 16-06-2019

On the occasion og its 11th edition, the Fashion Week Tunis has invited the What's Up Brussels Festival to fill de Belgian Corner with life and to show the Belgian urban culture in every shape and form.

What's Up Brussels Festival

Organised by S.H.I.N.E Prod asbl, the What’s Up Brussels Festival is a multidimmensional event arount the urban cultures, mixing the cultural, artistic and sport particices from the urban space: street art, music, dance, fashion, sport, food... The aim is to offer a room for expression to youth Brussels-based artists, in order to break the stereotypes around young people, districts and cultures.

Fashion Week Tunis 2019

Numbers of tunisian and international creators have shown their collections on the podiums of Tunis, showing each yeat their talent, creativity and elegance. The local creators have also their role to play: since several editions, the Fashion Week of Tunis presents the local trends and artisanal tunisian skills to the visitors in its Creators Village.

Belgian Urban Corner

For this 11th edition, the What's up Brussels Festival has been invited by the Fashion Week Tunis, to fill with life the Belgian Urban Corner from th 11th to the 16th June 2019. The festival will have the privilege to be present on the creators market on the 11th edition of the Fashion Week; the opportunity to represent and to show the Belgian urban culture at its best.

Fashion will have a place of honour: different collections made by Belgian streetwear creators will be shown.

Give Me 5
Charly Nzogang
Real Clothing
Reda Faklani
Slow Made
Maxime Edward
Shai Creations
C'est T-Afric

Whats's Up Brussels Festival
Fashion Week Tunis Tunisie