8th promotion of medical-social training course in Parakou22/08/2019

On Saturday, August 3, 2019, the graduation ceremony and swearing-in ceremony took place at the Parakou Medical and Social Training School (EFMS).

In total, 313 caregivers (208 women and 105 men), 89 social workers (72 women and 17 boys) and 69 health technicians (34 women and 35 boys) received their diploma, representing the 8th promotion of this school. This means that 471 health workers, including 314 women, are now able to serve in Benin's health facilities.

This rate is fully in line with the objective of the programme implemented by APEFE, which aims to strengthen qualified and competent human resources to ensure quality paramedical care throughout the country.

Since 2014, APEFE has been actively supporting EFMS both in the field of educational engineering and in the provision of educational materials. From revising curricula according to the Competency Based Approach (CBAP) to renovating girls' dormitories (to promote access to girls' studies), providing basic teaching materials and supporting the training of teachers and internship supervisors, APEFE remains very active in the school, with the creation of a gender-oriented infirmary this year. This must raise awareness among young students about family planning and violence against women, both on their own account and as a training tool for their professional practice.

All the authorities present at the ceremony wholeheartedly thanked APEFE for its activities in Benin and more particularly for the actions carried out in this school.

This programme is funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation (DGD).

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