The Spy Terragame Center opens two new parks !12/03/2019

Belgium's leading virtual reality park, the largest of its type in the world, has just announced the opening of two new centres in Tournai and Paris.  

The Terragame Center offers a virtual hyper-reality experience in multi-player mode. In a 600m2 space, participants are thrown into the body of a virtual character who allows them to control it like their own body, move freely, interact with the decor and even feel the wind blowing.

The park has had more than 10,000 visitors since it opened in Spy in 2017, and has more than 20,000 Facebook fans. Its managers have therefore decided to develop the concept beyond our borders. In mid-April, a centre will open in Ramegnies-Chin, between Lille and Tournai, and another will open in Paris. "We are opening there because we have a huge number of requests from France. But we wanted to stay in Belgium, so we chose a border area and are currently looking for premises in central Paris,” said the co-director of the Terragame Center, Ismaël Bhiri.

The co-director also explained that a second version of their flagship game, "The Manor of the Damned" is under preparation. "Instead of six players, eight will be able to play in Spy and ten in Tournai. Games will be extended from half an hour to an hour for the same price, 40 euros per game.”

A new game, which took a year to develop, will be available from mid-April: Magic Tournament invites visitors "to immerse themselves in the world of magic in groups of four to eight players. Participants will spend half an hour following the magic lessons of Professor Arkane to become the most powerful magician and then challenge their friends in the fighting arena. The player with the most points wins the game."


Source : La Libre Belgique

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