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Children's Social and Financial Education

Our basic programmes

  1. Aflatot

Early childhood provides a unique opportunity for positive learning experiences that lay the foundation for children to reach their full potential. Environmental and other factors have a decisive influence on the attitudes acquired at a young age, shaping their future development. Hence the emphasis on starting social and financial education at this early stage, giving them the tools to change their situation and bring about positive transformation in their society.

  1. Aflatoun

Aflatoun's main programme focuses on primary school-age children, as new attitudes and behaviours are more easily absorbed during this period. This is a fundamental period of personal development, when literacy, numeracy and basic skills are established and become part of everyday life. Our programmes can be used in formal primary education, but for those who do not have access to schools, we have developed the manual on non-formal education.

  1. Aflateen

Specially designed for teenagers, the Aflateen programme encourages young people to think more about who they are and the world around them. Young people aged 14 to 19 take modules that combine elements of social and financial education. They also learn about money and the markets that affect their lives. This helps them navigate the modern world and prepares them for an increasingly complex and demanding labour market.

  1. Aflateen +

In parallel with the Aflateen programme, we have developed the Aflateen + programme, which focuses on gender equality and the economic prosperity of girls and women, addressing the problems faced by girls and women in developing countries. As a result, the main target group of Aflateen + is girls aged 15 to 18. The Aflateen + programme gives girls and women the opportunity to learn about their rights and address not only ethical, but also economic and financial issues.

Life Skills and Financial Education for Peace

The life skills and financial education for peace programme is based on the Aflatoun programme but adapted to the (post-)conflict context. The programme has the potential to contribute to conflict transformation by providing children and young people with the skills to promote understanding and critical thinking, which are essential for analysing the underlying causes of conflict. They become active participants in society and can develop their skills to stimulate local economies by creating micro-enterprises, which have the power to help consolidate sustainable peace.

  1. AflaYouth

"Youth" is a period of transition from childhood dependence to independence and an awareness of our interdependence as members of a community. Consequently, the term "young person" is often used to refer to a person between the age at which they can leave compulsory education and the age at which they find their first job. The latter age limit has increased as higher unemployment rates and the cost of setting up an independent household place many young people in a period of prolonged dependency.

AflaYouth targets this group of young people and will be useful for partners implementing the programme outside the formal school systems, except in the case of technical and vocational training, although it can also be adapted for secondary and higher education students.


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