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I denounced 100 Belgians

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of creating a Facebook group with the idea that exchanges can sometimes lead to wonderful relationships. Now a hundred people have done what we would never have believed they would... DENOUNCE!   

We can find plenty of unobtrusive Belgian/Canadian success there. It works and that's what counts.  In this group, you can highlight the efforts made by a friend of Belgian origin, a colleague or a neighbour who has contributed to a family success, a business achievement or a social, sporting or other undertaking. There's strength in unity... and that's definitely the case between Belgium and Canada.  

So when the temperature starts to drop, I remember Anissa Benomar, founder of Gaufrabec, the Belgian waffle that is now hugely popular in Quebec.  Look her up on Google or Facebook; she's as wonderful as her waffles. Forget the ocean that divides us, Walloons and Canadians have a lot in common and even more to share. So share and the great successes listed in "Oui-dénoncer-un-Belge-cest-bien" (Yes it's great to denounce a Belgian) and you might start something wonderful.



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