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Here I am, here I remain

This is a well-known quote from a comedy and was also used by a politician. It is a "hello" to the readers of this blog. At the age of 55, having spent half my life in Belgium and the other half in Canada, I have a certain vision of the world and, I would say, even a certain experience.

The world has become small thanks to increasingly fast flights and social networks. There are two regions that I love: Quebec because I live there, and Wallonia because it represents my origins. Every region has the right to feel proud and each one is home to designers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, basically men and women.

My city, Quebec, has been courting the beautiful city of Namur for the last 15 years. Should we count who benefits most from this? I don't think so. Tomorrow, a kind Quebec resident might go and turn Namur upside down or someone from Namur might come and innovate in Quebec. For me, the main thing is to create bridges and paths on which certain people will walk. During slightly crazy periods, I remember that "Unity makes Strength". I look forward to crossing your path. In 2015, the City of Quebec offered a public work of art to the City of Namur to mark the 15th anniversary of the twinning of the two cities - the libraries of Quebec now house an additional 250 comic books. The Mayor of Quebec, Régis Labeaume, and the burgomaster of Namur, Maxime Prévot, formalised the gift of 250 albums of Belgian classics, including Spirou, Tintin and the Bluecoats. Quebec wants to follow the City of Namur's example and create a comic book library.


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