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Montreal, a city to enjoy

I spent 22 years living in the shadows of the magical metropolis of Montreal. I would go there for different activities, but never lived there 100%. I live there now and am discovering the potential of this North American city with a cultural melting pot that binds it closely to Europe. French and Belgians, but above all Italians, Greeks and Portuguese set the tone for a new continent. Now I feel even more clearly that I am building bridges, weaving links between the Old Continent and Canada, which is often considered a gateway for business in the United States. There is still time for Walloon residents to come and check the city out thanks to C2 Montreal. C2 Montreal, a unique international business event in its genre, invites current and future business leaders to the city every year | 23-25 May 2018 | MONTREAL. Bring your ideas, bring contacts... and we will grow together.



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