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The power to unite...

In 2000, Nelson Mandela declared: Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. I think we experienced what he meant during the Football World Cup. What an unforgettable adventure. Yet my thoughts go deeper than this. Because although I have chosen to live in Canada for 22 years, I am like a vine with its long roots clinging to its home turf. For me, the Belgian motto is one of the most powerful in the world "Union makes Strength''. Today, I am looking at the networks. Belgium and the World are united on this planet. I may invite various people who have a Facebook or LinkedIn account, but I remain open to direct contact. As I often say, I am lucky to experience the world of travel, and my passions such as vineyards, real estate, and humanitarian aid. There is so much to share. On my travels, I scatter small stones which are sometimes collected by other people who find them useful. Good for them. A friend told me that a friend of a friend could give me useful information... Taking care of our planet, building lighter or stronger bonds.... that's what I hope for in life. 


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