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Sébastien Bellin's resilience

Last Monday, during a Ambassadors Event at The SpirouDome, Sébastien Bellin was talking about how a critic situation  — Am I dead or still alive ?  — can change your posttraumatic life and I have to say that it was very interesting. In this context, he also mentioned an advice that his father gave him when he was young. This advice is quite simple but I think it is worth to put it in the light: " If, in the room, you are convinced that you are the strongest or the smartest, leave this room and find another ". This advice is to consider in relation with his longing for building a squad without egos: one of the four pillars Sébastien used to reach something like a rebirth. Thank You, Sébastien, for this sincere and invigorating talk.



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