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Have you read about it? "On Wednesday 17 January, 2018, the Walloon government adopted a 5.03 billion euro investment plan, to be divided between 31 projects and spanning the period 2019-2024. Part of this investment plan covers mobility: 1.13 billion euros over five years will be invested in cycle routes, public transport, the purchase of greener buses, new lines and electronic charging terminals."

Living in Quebec, I wanted to see what was happening in Canada. "The sustainable mobility policy must cover all means of transport, every journey made by people and goods, in every region of Quebec. It will tackle public, active, sea, air and rail transport and also take action on the road network, through an integrated approach.

Action is being taken throughout the world to improve travel.  So let's dream of a trail from Vancouver (Can) to Virton (Bel) ( +

That's a great idea, and as the website says...A link bringing us together. Imagine the discussions taking place as people travel along these kilometres and all the wonderful projects being developed...


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