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Exhibition Baukunst at Solo Galerie

Géoïde, Sill frame 0’33, 2019 © BAUKUNST- Nawri Khamallah
Géoïde, Sill frame 0’33, 2019 © BAUKUNST- Nawri Khamallah.

As a continuation of the "Performance & Performativity" exhibition, held at Brussels’ Palais des Beaux-Arts this year (Bozar), BAUKUNST is hosting this project at the Solo Galerie in Paris from 16 October to 19 December.

Like a constellation of stars, fragments and reverse angles, the exhibits will give a composite glimpse of recent projects and at the same time, present the kaleidoscopic co-operation which the last few years have seen.

Moreover, this new exhibition will look at the ongoing project of making use of residual space in La Défense.

Videos, prototypes and photographs will bring agency production and its identity to the fore, plunging us into a unique world where art and science meet.

  • Curators: Roxane Le Grelle & Adrien Verschuere
  • Scenography: BAUKUNST
  • Photographers: Maxime Delvaux, Julien Hourcade
  • Videos: Olivier Campagne, Maxime Delvaux
  • Models and robotics: Julien Dutertre & Loop Studio

Co-productionA+ Architecture in Belgium & Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles - with the support of the Architecture Unit of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Vlaamse Overheid and the Brussels-Capital Region.

Since 2019, A+ Architecture in Belgium and BOZAR have been coproducing a new series of exhibitions devoted to Belgian architecture firms, which have attracted international attention in recent years. The second exhibition in this series, "Performance & Performativity", is devoted to the Brussels architecture firm BAUKUNST, founded by Adrien Verschuere in 2008.

All about architecture in Wallonia and Brussels on the Wallonie-Bruxelles Architectures website.

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