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Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann - MEDUSA - Floating Body #4

© Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann
© Tomas Kleiner & Marco Biermann.

The research and performance project "Medusa: floating body #4" consists of a video installation showing images shot during a previous performance by the artistic duo Kleiner & Biermann on the Rhine.
The presentation, which has been reworked by the artists for this installation at IKOB, refers to the "in order of appearance" exhibition at K21 in Düsseldorf in February 2020.
The inflatable mattresses, which initially attract the viewer's attention, are made of sturdy PVC. They are based on the original inflatable mattress used during the performance on the Rhine. This original mattress, designed by the artist, was the scene for a daring performance where the artist lets himself drift along the Rhine on his mattress, floating in apparent freedom, constantly followed by a drone that meticulously films every movement. Carried along by the waves and drifting on the currents, passing in front of ships, floating along the quays and reinforced riverbanks. This floating is metaphorical: departure, travel and adventure are the new cultural landmarks. The installation allows viewers to watch the film of this artistic journey lying on a mountain of mattresses. The upward gaze reflects the drone's perspective.

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