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Discover the summer edition of the WAB Magazine

This edition will be our sunshine issue. Not just because thesunny days of summer are coming, but because we are highlighting people in this issue who are moving towards a sustainable world, and benefits for humanity,with sunshine in their smiles, and great promise for the future.
Spread the word, Wallonia is looking towards the future!

Gantrex is offering the rail solutions of tomorrow, today, and is helping pave the way for Ariane 6 rocket to reach the stars. UCB is continuing to invest in gene therapy to treat the world. Sébastien Dossogne, a forward-thinking Manager of the Year, is applying ethics and sustainability to the industrial activities of Magotteaux. Vanessa Colignon’s Design for Resilience, as the name suggests, uses resilient design to make our everyday lives better.

On the subject of responsible enthusiasm, we also give pride of place to the lighter side of life, with a vibrant, floral pastis from Liège, as well as a sassy pastis from Tournai, happy rivals of their Provencal cousins. Fancy a hike first? Jean-Pierre Englebert is there to take us along some of the most astonishing byways, and our beautiful countryside is reaching out to us — make the most of it with the Visit Wallonia Pass!

Finally, we’ll be able to enjoy some summer festivals again! We offer you an overview of the most diverse events before affectionately greeting one of our best global ambassadors: Frédéric François. He has brought together 19 multicultural, francophone talents - fans and friends of his - to give us an album that is pure gold.

Dynamic, joyful, and full of song, our Wallonia never ceases to amaze us!


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