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Distribution of hygiene kits in Senegal

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Jigeen Ñi Tamit, the programme supporting female entrepreneurship, implemented with support from APEFE and funded by the Belgian Development Cooperation, is in full swing.

In March, the programme team travelled to Dahra, in the Linguère département to deliver training on good hygiene practice to beneficiaries working in milk production. At the beginning of June, the team returned to distribute good hygiene practice kits.

A ceremony was held to mark the occasion and was attended by local authorities who presented each beneficiary with a kit.

The kits include bins, bowls, brooms, soap, detergent, gloves and masks; all of which enable the female entrepreneurs to put into practice what they learned during the training. As an essential component of food processing, good hygiene practice improves the quality and shelf-life of the product and most importantly boosts consumer confidence in the business.

Seynabou Ka, female entrepreneur and programme beneficiary: “As women, and also as citizens of the Louga region, we are proud to have benefited from this support. Today I’ve received all the necessary items for hygiene and cleanliness, which will enable me to improve the quality of my products. It’s very significant because all of this equipment helps to improve hygiene standards and in food processing especially, everything we sell to customers has to be flawless. I’ve received a full set of equipment, which I will use properly and put to good use. It will really help me, it will make my work easier and will improve my performance. ”

It is hoped that the donation of this equipment will help to increase the women's autonomy, The main aim is to encourage the women to apply the good hygiene practices so they become fully integrated into their work. Seynabou Ka has got the message: “Every piece of the equipment is essential. When I need to replace it I will do so using my own money and I’ll repair any damaged equipment.

The women working on milk production in the Louga region are now well-equipped and we are excited to see them using these kits. We hope they continue on this path and keep improving their performance and developing their businesses.

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