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Annick Salami - Emerson Climate technologies

Annick Salami, Warehouse & Logistics Manager -  Emerson Climate technologies
Annick Salami - Emerson Climate technologies

"The proximity of Liege Airport is important to us, and we are also envisaging working with the port of Liege for containerised exports."

Emerson Climate Technologies, a division of American group Emerson, is a major player in the air conditioning techniques sector.

In 2009, the group opened a European Distribution Centre at Welkenraedt, a few hundred metres from its compressor factory. «We wanted to find a solution close to the factory, but also to have good connections for import and export. We therefore reached an agreement with Intertrans (Ziegler network), which placed at our disposal a 5,500 m2 warehouse», explains Annick Salami.

Along with the shipment of products manufactured in Welkenraedt to the final client, the EDC has developed a system for the delivery of spare parts coming from several of the group’s factories, and even for reconditioning compressors produced in Ireland. Europe absorbs 70% of activities, with the rest being exported to the Middle East or Asia. «The proximity of Liege Airport, for example, has enabled us to optimise the delivery of parts, and this EDC also helps us to provide a professional supply chain for our clients», Annick Salami goes on to explain. She would also like to develop, via Welkenraedt, further synergies with the Irish and Czech factories of the Emerson group.


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