• CGEOS reveals the new receiver GNSS of high precision
  • The GNSS of high precision is used by the professionals of the measure and the topography. From now on it is available for all!
  • CGEOS is the only one and the unique expert Walloon company in GNSS of high precision
  • The technical departments of the UCL Louvain-La-Neuve benefit from our solutions in GNSS of high precision
  • The algorithms and the complex processing of the signals GNSS are synthesized in cards OEM GNSS
  • Credit to Charlie Wilson for the image - Your geo-localization is our department
  • GNSS of high precision for the geo-localization of the forest stocks
  • GNSS of high precision for the geo-localization of the geological soundings
  • GNSS of high precision for the geolocation of stocks in career
  • GNSS of high precision for the geo-localization of the buried lines
  • GNSS of high precision for control points photogrammétrique by drones
  • The important decisions take themselves on database geolocation-based

CGEOS: Walloon company specialising in HD GNSS13/12/2017

With the latest launches of positioning satellites from the GALILEO constellation - and the logistics centre in Transinnes - Wallonia must step up and also become the region in which more and more applications are developed to tap into this segment. 

The company CGEOS - CREATIVE GEOSENSING is also working in this area, developing solutions and services that allow businesses to capitalise on high-precision positioning.

In 2002, Wallonia developed the first GNSS network of permanent WALCORS stations to allow this high-precision geolocation.

In 1988, we introduced GPS to Belgium for topographical applications at a time when it was used only by large institutions such as IGN and ORB. We managed to convince surveyors and topographers to adopt this complex technology for their day-to-day work, making it easier for them to use and understand. Today, with new GNSS constellations such as GALILEO and BEIDOU, falling equipment prices and in-built smartphone applications, we have set ourselves the task of disseminating high-precision GNSS technology to all the company's activities and to everyone.

 It is GNSS innovation and creativity that set CGEOS apart. 

 I look forward to meeting you and sharing this ambitious mission !

 Prof. Joël van Cranenbroeck, Managing Director of CGEOS

The high precision GNSS for all the applications! It is now a reality with CGEOS