• GNSS monitoring station at the top of the Rottweil tower
  • The Thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil
  • Installation designed, installed and implemented by CGEOS

Germany’s tallest tower is equipped with a CGEOS solution01/05/2018

The Thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil is the tallest tower in Germany. Built in record time, this tower is 246 metres tall and houses the brand new generation of elevators that move on rails and no longer by cable as in the past. With speeds of over 75 km/h, Thyssenkrupp is revolutionising urban vertical transport.

GERB company was responsible for the installation of a 280-ton tilting mass on the 21st floor to counter the tower's movements under wind pressure and also to set the structure in motion to simulate maximum stresses and ensure that the lifts move correctly. It is a successful achievement in the tradition of German engineering.

The company CGEOS - Creative Geosensing (Mont, Yvoir) was commissioned to design and install a geometric monitoring system based on the use of high precision GNSS. GNSS is the acronym for Global Navigation Satellite System and includes GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO. Currently the movements of the Rottweil tower are controlled by the solution developed by CGEOS and report X and Y movements in real time with millimetre accuracy.

The geometric monitoring solution developed by CGEOS - Creative Geosensing can also be used to control large construction cranes (during high winds), cooling towers of nuclear power plants, historic buildings but also bridges, dams and all infrastructures whose managers are confronted with dynamic behaviour. CGEOS thus wishes to revolutionize the methods of digital monitoring of major engineering structures by using high-precision GNSS.



High Precision GNSS for the tallest tower in Germany