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NAMUR - HONG KONG 8,573,260 metres in GNSS RTK21/11/2017

With the decision of the government of Hong Kong and its Lands Department, Geodetic Service, to provide free access to the flow of data from reference GNSS stations (Open Data policy), it has been easy for us to connect our permanent GNSS station in Mont and thus obtain, in real-time, the exact distance between us and Hong Kong.

Out of the 27 satellites on average which we follow, only between 7 and 9 are followed by our station in Mont and one of the GNSS stations located in Hong Kong. But this is enough to establish a 3D positioning solution. To carry out this type of calculation, we use, in particular, the RTK-LIB library also available in Open Source.

We sincerely hope that the Walloon Government and the SPW will also decide to provide professionals with data from permanent stations in the GNSS WALCORS network. Currently, only corrections from modelling (ionosphere, troposphere, orbit errors, etc.) are available free of charge.

This type of decision would allow more Walloon companies to develop and offer new apps which require high precision. The geolocation market to the nearest "cm" is growing rapidly with a view to the development of apps for precision agriculture, the guiding of construction machinery, topography and the positioning of drones and robots of all sorts, etc.

The Director of the Hong Kong Lands Department came to visit and meet WALCORS' managers in 2003 in order to draw inspiration from our developments. Let us now hope that the managers of WALCORS (SPW) will draw inspiration from the decision taken by the Hong Kong government.

CGEOS is the leading Walloon company specialising in the development and distribution of high-precision GNSS solutions as well as in geodesic engineering services.