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The Spring issue of the WAB magazine is out !

In this thirty-third issue of WAB, we highlight our inventors, our creators, our managers, and their teams: the people who put their assets and their efforts together to build a better world for future generations.

Their ultimate goal is to develop our region through their achievements—to make it more beautiful, more prosperous, and more sustainable.

Home Eos, Taipro, Vésale, and many others are working on sustainable development.

Are you an entrepreneur, a creator, or a researcher on the other side of the world? Then read all about the two Valéries on the front cover, and take inspiration from the practical solutions they bring to Walloon companies. Then, take a look at the report on the BioWin Cluster and see what value we’re adding in life sciences—value that is being recognised around the world.

Finally, if you are just in the mood for something really enjoyable, there is nothing quite like taking a trip backstage at the Maison Courrèges, or visiting the Floriade in Almere. The Floriade pays tribute not only to flowers, but also to green cities.

We wish you a beautiful journey full of creativity, innovation, and beauty.

If you want to subscribe freely to WAB magazine, please send an email to Marie-Catherine Duchêne (Wallonia Export&Investment Agency)

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