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2nd UAV Forum in Shenzhen

Having discovered the development opportunities in China in 2015 and 2017, in the company of AWEX, we were invited this year as speakers to a gathering of various world experts in what can be considered as the cradle of the technological sectors and drones, the City of Shenzhen.
This opportunity follows on from the CHTF mission organised with AWEX in November.

This global convention was organised at the same time as a trade fair, and we were consequently able to learn about the latest technological developments on display.

The tone was already set from the opening session. It was a grandiose event, expertly organised by the team from the Shenzhen UAV Association. In addition to a warm welcome, we enjoyed VIP access and took full advantage of this week in China for B2B discussions.
Proud to represent Belgium and Wallonia beyond Europe, we presented the opportunities offered by the CyberSec consortium, developed in collaboration with Vitrociset Belgium, which is located in the Province of Luxembourg in Libin (the ESA site and the GALAXIA space applications park). (Read the article on CyTEF)

In effect, new European regulations offer new horizons to Walloon companies. In addition to space telecommunications infrastructure, Wallonia boasts companies which are active in the field of cybersecurity (RHEA) and aeronautic certification (Q-Square).
All of the elements are now in place so that, with the assistance of the CBTC (China Belgium Technology Center), which will serve as a gateway between Chinese companies and Wallonia, the first collaborations can be implemented.
We can imagine, for example, that a producer of UAVs or onboard sensors, interested in the European market, would request a "CyberSec" analysis in various scenarios, resulting in certification to be submitted to EASA, in order to complete their procedure.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg: CyTEF will offer other services, including the "Target System" simulation, to simulate complex environments such as the ATM/UTM (Air Traffic Management) and they will also target the IoT (Internet of Things) sector.

In the end, the aim is to propose, in collaboration with companies from the north of the country, skills that are unique in Europe.... Watch this space!

You can download the presentation below (in .pdf) which includes the elements presented during the various topics covered by the experts.
A video is also available via the link: Video 2nd Forum Shenzhen

The European classifications for drones
Who supports the risks connected to the use of drones
The weak point of the system UAS
Identification of the potential weaknesses
The Belgian answer to the challenges of tomorrow
Certifications in partners' faults
The footbridge between China and Belgium the CBTC
The assets of the Wallonia through Digital Wallonia
The new silk route and the vision Made in China
Wallonia not that for the work !
International gratitude of Drone Valley
Recognized European expertise abroad
Promotion of Walloon knowledge

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