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Cooperation partnerships? A Walloon asset?

How can we start 2017 without highlighting the dynamism of Walloon businesses?

In fact, on 13 December 2016, during a press conference in Brussels (Video Intro, School of Drone professions Video) the companies WD-Academy in Andenne and the School of Drone professions (from the training department of the prestigious French group PIXIEL) announced their cooperation partnership to develop their savoir faire in Belgium and abroad in the area of remote piloting training for professions involving drones.

With its 6 training centres in France, the School of Drone professions offers licensed remote pilots professional training in various disciplines including building surveying, firefighter training, and of course all applications relating to audio-visual aspects.

In 2015, around 828 training courses were provided in France. Our French cousins therefore boast genuine professionals who are evolving with this emerging and promising technology.

WD-Academy also maintains other cooperation partnerships, for example with Xamen Technologies, ALXSystem and SETER in the Middle East.

This Walloon family business is a model in terms of dynamism and creating collaborations between companies at the international level.

They also have very close links with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and collaborate with Lux Protect International.

Moreover, they have jointly organised a press conference within the Greater Region at Esch sur Alzette. (Video)

Various initiatives can be observed within their activities. By associating with strong partners, WD-Academy promotes new professions with one main objective, the professionalisation of a high added-value sector.

By strengthening the skills of remote pilots, two objectives are targeted:

- Safety

- The skills required to stand out from the competition.

During this first quarter, we will begin training courses intended for firefighters and the other rescue services.

The World Drone Academy team and its African guests
Nour Djama (Resp. Commercial Afrique), Jacques Provost (Int. Manager), Gino Yazbeck (Resp. Middle Ouest)
With prestigious guests
Great partnership opportunities to achieve
Always trying to discover the impossible ...

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